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Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes that affects the nervous system. In diabetes, the bodies of nerve cells located in the brain, as well as their processes that make up the nerve trunks, are destroyed.

The manifestations of diabetic neuropathy are very diverse. They depend on which part of the nervous system suffered more than others. Most often, people complain of numbness, loss of sensation, severe pain in the limbs and impotence. But the most dangerous consequence is diabetic foot syndrome. A person does not feel pain from minor injuries on the legs, they turn into non-healing ulcers that can lead to buy tofranil online and limb amputation. More than 330 ml of people live with diabetes on the planet. Diabetic neuropathy is the most common complication of diabetes. It develops in 60-90% of patients, approximately 5-15 years after the onset of the disease. The danger equally threatens people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

To explain the nature of the disease, let's remember how the nervous system works. It is made up of imipramine pills cells called neurons. They have a body and 2 types of processes. long axons and short branched dendrites. Anatomically, the central and peripheral nervous systems are separated. The central part includes the brain and spinal cord, we can say that they consist of the bodies of neurons. Peripheral nervous system - these are nerves, consisting of processes of nerve cells. They travel through the body from the brain and spinal cord.

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  • There is also a division of the nervous system into somatic and autonomic.
  • Somatic NS we control consciously. She directs the work of skeletal muscles.
  • But the vegetative system regulates the work of the glands, as well as internal organs, and does not depend on our will.
  • The nerve consists of thousands of thin fibers - processes of nerve cells, covered with a myelin sheath and endoneurium from connective tissue.
  • To better conduct signals, the fibers are collected in thin bundles connected by a sheath of loose connective tissue - the perineurium.
  • Arteries and veins pass through the perineurium and provide nourishment to the nerve. Thin bundles are brought together and covered with a dense sheath of tofranil tissue epineurium.
  • Its function is to protect the nerve from damage. This whole structure is called the nerve trunk.

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  • Nerves are of three types. Sensitive nerves. Consist of sensitive (afferent) nerve cells. They have sensitive cells at one end - receptors.
  • Thanks to buy imipramine online, we can hear, see, feel temperature, pressure, vibration, pain, taste and smell. When exposed to the receptor, a nerve impulse arises in it.
  • Along the nerve, like a wire, it is transmitted to the brain and processed there. We can assume that it is with the brain that we see, hear and feel pain.
  • Motor nerves are made up of motor fibers. From the brain, an impulse-command is transmitted along the nerve to all our muscles and organs.